Who says you cannot play with your food. If you make the food playful, your kids (and fussy adults) will eat it. Here are some fun ideas for breakfast. But don't stop there. Use these ideas on other meals. Involve your kids in the process, and they will eat it. Make it healthy. Make pancakes and waffles with whole grain batter. Substitute regular syrup with agave syrup. Use plenty of fruits and nut butters for the decoration. Enjoy!

Rise and Shine.jpg
Bear and the Balloons.jpg

Bear and the Balloons

Rise and Shine

Christmas at Anytime.jpg
Cute Oatmeal.jpg

Cute Oatmeal

Christmas at Anytime

Up in the Sky.jpg
Hungry Crab.jpg

Hungry Crab

Up in the Sky

Sleepy Head.jpg
Pretty in Polka Dots.jpg

Pretty in Polka Dots

Sleepy Head

Monkey with Big Ears.jpg
Three Musketeers.jpg

 Three Musketeers

Monkey with Big Ears

Tropical Paradise.jpg
Night Owl in the Morning.jpg

Night Owl in the Morning

Tropical Paradise

Big Witch Out of the Wagon.jpg
Sweet Monster.jpg

Sweet Monster

Big Witch Out of the Wagon

Breakfast with Santa Clause.jpg
It's a Beautiful Morning.jpg

It's a Beautiful Morning

Breakfast with Santa Clause

Elephant on an Island.jpg
Under Water Adventure.jpg

Under Water Adventure

Elephant on an Island

Secret Garden.jpg
Blue Owl.jpg

Blue Owl 

Secret Garden

Mr and Mrs Bunny.jpg
Who Needs Ice Cream_.jpg

Who Needs Ice Cream?

Mr and Mrs Bunny

Smile Everyone!.jpg
Going Overboard.jpg

Going Overboard

Smile Everyone!