Cook Food Effortlessly


Too Busy To Cook?

Do you find cooking to be time-consuming and stressful?

Are you ordering takeout more often than you want?

Is cleaning your least favorite part?

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Get your hands on the most versatile cookware!

There Should be a Better Way

To cook great food effortlessly.

To multitask while cooking.

To clean less.


 We Understand What You're Going Through 


Traditional cookware with burned, boiled over,  or overcooked food.

 We Have You Covered 

We performed extensive research on materials, industrial design, and cookware usage. 

After 1 year of testing, we honed in on food-grade, nonstick, high-performance silicone material. 

Our patent-pending design for Omnipan is the perfect solution to all your cooking needs.  


Your Hassle-free Home

Cooking Plan​

1. Preorder your Omnipan set and get it delivered to your doorsteps.

2. Check the easy-to-follow recipes on our app.

3. Let the oven and Omnipan do the cooking for you.

4. Let the dishwasher clean Omnipan.

5. Enjoy home-cooked meals again.

Here is what we have for you

Optimally designed 3 sizes of Omnipan.

Modular design perfect for any kitchen – big or small.

Flat, transparent lids to help you easily stack meals in the fridge.


Durable pans you can always count on.

Ability to withstand a high temperature of 450°F in the oven.   

FDA approved and chemical-free food-grade silicone material.     

image (31).png

A cookbook to help plan your meals.

Easy-to-follow recipes. 

Cook in the oven without any hassle. 


Don't Continue With

Omnipan is on Indiegogo now!

Get your hands on the most versatile cookware!

Slogging next to the stove for hours.

Overcooking and burning food.

Dreadful cleanup.

Spending money on takeout to avoid home cooking.

Have Perfect Home-Cooked Meals


Effortless cooking in the oven.

Easy cleanup.

More time to do what you really  want to do.

Impress your friends with your culinary creations on Instagram.

Thanks for your patience, Mother Nature. I stopped using plastic bags and aluminum foil.

Omnipan Community

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Omnipan is on Indiegogo now!

Get your hands on the most versatile cookware!

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